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About Us

For the past seven years, we have seen unprecedented turmoil across much of the Middle East and North & South African areas. Quite rightly many commentators have described these events in terms of crisis and it is true that the Social and Political upheaval is of a magnitude that has not been seen in living memory. The disruption to various well established  relationships and lines of communication in the area and with the outside world formed the impetus for the creation of the Egyptian British Centre.   


The Egyptian British Centre is the first national integrated project in all over Europe as a multi-faith, multi-ethnic organisation that assigns 50% of its annual profit to support small and medium projects, support various children charities, organise different activities to support the community, and create business opportunities between the United Kingdom, Europe, Middle East and North Africa. 

 Our absolute aim is to spread awareness and understanding between cultures & civilisations.

 We welcome and encourage everyone to become a member of our growing community.

    What we do

       We organise a wide range of activities to support the community such as:

  • Social Activities through organising various gatherings to enhance the level of communications, exchanging different points of views, offering free professional medical advice, studying expenses, assist with free professional legal advice, cover expenses for any death case that may happen,giving support to those who cannot afford marriage, hosting cultural/religious holidays celebrations and many more.


  • Educational / Cultural Activities - funding/sponsoring training centres to deliver advanced programs  to  increase youth skills and capabilities; conducting various programs for economic and social awareness, invite artists to showcase their talents, etc.

  • Medical Activities - we aim to provide a wide range of health related projects such as organising medical visits between United Kingdom, Europe, Middle East and North Africa to provide services or operations. Supplying hospitals with needed medical equipment, arranging with international pharmaceuticals companies in Europe to provide  low-priced medicine. 


  • Environmental Activities - we do what it takes to protect our environment and resolve its current problems, through arranging environmental awareness workshops, work side by side with the government and private companies to protect the environment, in addition we fund the small and new projects that have the same aim.

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